Once Upon a Time and in a Land Not Too Far Away as a fair maiden was foraging through the shelves of her local supermarket on the lookout for something to ‘throw together for a family supper’ – she picked up a copy of Dolls’ House Magazine for a ‘quick read’ which she hoped would lighten the monotony of all the horrible housework still patiently waiting for her at home.

Hours later and with the housework unfinished and the promise of a cold supper for her poor starving family, the fair maiden realised that she had been left captivated by the wonder of the discoveries that she had made between the pages of this magazine.

And ever since that fateful day, she have been creating her ‘Small Worlds’ and although her passion to design a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and as challenging as ever was; the fair maiden is the first to admit that it has left her a lot lighter in pocket with her children barefoot and the pantry empty of chocolate biscuits…

OK, all levity aside! 

Although I have been designing and creating ‘Small Worlds’ for many years now, my imagination remains just as ‘fired up’ and the inspiration for these ‘Small Worlds’ has been unleashed in so many different ways that I have lost count.

For it could be within the fascinating pages of a historical novel or having watched a period drama series and I have even found myself designing a landscaping project as I flipped through the pages of a magazine while waiting for a GP appointment!

As I love to walk, my imagination has often been influenced by the world that surrounds me and I have been known to spend my time gazing at the architecture and other interesting features of the houses and shops, including lead drainpipes, unusual windows, broken roof slates, fascinating corbels and often to the incredulity of a friend who I have failed to recognise as I amble past them!

I once calculated that I would need to live another  250 years in order to realise my dream projects into 12th scale reality…

And as my property empire has continued to expand and with more error than trial, I have learnt many new skills and can now ‘distress’ and ‘kit bash’ with aplomb and in defiance of my ‘other half’s precise lectures – I remain proud of my unique painting techniques, my creative recipe for aged stonework and those rather unconventional woodworking skills!

The ‘Small Worlds’ have included a HUGE Gothic Castle Dracul perched on a snow covered mountain, a fashion boutique inspired by the sixties called ‘Themis’ and then there’s Surf’s Up! a contemporary surf store with a private beach and guaranteed beautiful weather.

And over in the world of the ‘Crooked Hen’ and with my passion for the unique and mystical, I’ve designed some weird and wonderful emporiums and abodes populated by the mythical folk of the All Hallows Hamlet.

I have even recreated Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom as it was discovered after her death in August 1962 and how can I possibly forget the design of the iconic closing scene from the film Scarface featuring Al Pacino!

One of my favourite ‘Small Worlds’ is the Parish of St M’s which includes a church, parish hall, village market, tea room, flower shop, manse AND with another church waiting to be revealed – I should also add that this 12th scale world is ‘home’ to a gang of unique mice, a brood of chickens and two Little Big Cats!

As I am forever dreaming up new ideas for festivals and celebrations, life is very far from tranquil within the walls of this small parish as I try to make the world a better place one mouse at a time.

As well as a passion for creating in 12th scale AND chocolate, I also have an enduring interest in the life and legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson.

I began to read about Nicole shortly after her murder in June 1994 and have been reading about her ever since AND she was the inspiration for the creation of the ‘Ghost of Brentwood’ which is also known as ‘Nicole’s House’.

As a 12th scale miniature – the story of Nicole’s House celebrates the life of a talented and much-loved young woman who relished nothing more than being with her family in the home that she had made for them.​

And as I was born two hundred years too late – I am also a passionate doyenne of Regency history and I can often be found immersed in the year 1815 as I rearrange the interior of 13 Piccadilly Terrace, a large Georgian house complete with a basement kitchen and attic rooms inspired by the fabulous Poet Lord Byron.

However, there is still  the matter of a large cardboard box containing assorted gorgeous silks for the soft furnishings that I have yet to finish. I can handle fabrics that I can glue but, alas, the art of the needle is beyond me…

It is fortunate that as a social media junkie, I have been fortunate to meet other miniaturists whose skills can more than compensate for my shortcomings such as one who has positively embraced the art of miniature couture on my behalf and those that have managed to create a delicious feast or two for my ‘Small World’ inhabitants and which is something my own family have been known to long for!

Now what I long for is a quiet room, a large mug of tea and some chocolate…